Have you gone responsive yet?

Photo credit: Forklift Solutions Ltd

Last year’s web design buzzword was most definitely responsive web design.

With ever increasing mobile and tablet usage, responsive design has emerged as the undisputed solution for web designers.

A dedicated mobile website is no longer adaptable or flexible enough to cope with the proliferation of device / browser sizes. A mobile website also is a potential headache in terms of updating and duplicate content, as many a web designer will testify.

If you’re still weighing up the additional development time or web design costs, we list reasons for going responsive:

SEO – it is noticeable how responsive websites have been given a ranking boost in the last few months by Google. For example in May ne-web.com, teamvalleyweb.co.uk and sleeky.co.uk were the top three ranked websites for ‘web design newcastle’. Fast forward to September and sitely.co.uk has come from nowhere to #2, despite having a fraction of the backlinks and less established on-site optimisation. It is also the only site of the four that is responsive.

Future proofing the release of the new iPhone just days ago highlights the ever changing landscape of device and browser sizes. You may remember accessing the Internet on your WAP phone 10 years ago, and how things have changed. So imagine what the future will bring in 10 years time? Responsive design future proofs against this to an extent.

Maximise your visitors – with certain industries getting as much as 50% of their visits from mobile devices, not catering for this is like a shop and restaurant not accepting card payments. Fickle web users don’t need much excuse for tapping the dreaded cross, so don’t give them one!