Five great OpenCart extensions

OpenCart is one of world’s leading ecommerce platforms. It’s popularity is partly due to its simplicity, which makes it possible for the average web designer to learn and create custom templates – advanced PHP / programming knowledge is not necessarily required.

However there is also a huge community of developers offering free and paid for extensions for the software. Therefore whatever modification your client wants, there is usually something already developed to do this.

Here are five of the best extensions out there:

1). Mega Filter PRO – $19.99

An excellent extension that truly takes your online shop to another level. Visitors can instantly filter a variety of data such as price and options to find exactly what they’re looking for. This makes it an essential for fashion stores in particular. See it in action by clicking here.

2). MailChimp Integration – $35.00

OpenCart’s newsletter function is some what limited, especially in comparison to that of specialist email marketing services. This extension allows you to export and sync your OpenCart mailing data with MailChimp. Now all you have to do is create a pretty template.

3). Admin Advanced Products Filter – $12.99

If your store has hundreds or thousands of products, this plugin is an essential. It makes finding and editing a particular product a breeze with loads of new filtering options opposed to OpenCart’s default five (product name, model, price, quantity and status).

4). OpenStock – $50.00

Openbay Pro is now a default module on OpenCart due to its game changing integration with marketplaces such as ebay. OpenStock further builds upon this by allowing the syncing of products with multiple options. Sleeky, a company offering Web Design Newcastle, recently used this to good effect on

5). Product Sort Orders – $25.00

Last but not least is Product Sort Orders. Positioning those must have products above the fold is no longer a pain, with this extension’s funky drag and drop functionality.