Technology Making Care Home Living Easier

The latest cutting edge tech gadgets and are not the first thing you think of when somebody mentions elderly care home residents, but you’d be surprised! Modern care homes use a plethora of new fangled gadgets and concepts to ensure a higher standard of living for their residents.

Tablets & Mobile Devices

Technology like tablet computers can help those suffering from progressive dementia to express their thoughts and interact with other people. A multitude of apps are available which stimulate interest, enable creative expression and facilitate communication. The nature of the tablet’s control method makes it easy for residents to ‘pick up and play’, removing barriers that existed with traditional mouse and keyboard controls.

Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are designed to offer users stimulation within a calming environment. Sensory rooms use lighting, sound/music and other objects to help nurture positive changes in the user’s life. Key life skills such as vocalisation, colour recognition and tracking and gross motor skills are developed and maintained through the use of these rooms.

AV Systems

An increasing amount of care homes, like those operated by Prestwick Care Homes North East, now offer residents access to an on-site cinema. Showing classic films as well as the latest TV shows and news bulletins allows the residents to enjoy a glimpse into a past they remember, triggering memories and happy feelings. What was once seen as a luxury is fast becoming an essential feature in modern care facilities.

Security systems

It’s always been important to limit access to (and escape from!) care homes due to the nature of the residents condition. Modern security systems now being used throughout the UK in care homes use cutting edge technology like keypad entry units, CCTV and admission logging systems to make sure nobody enters or leaves who shouldn’t be.