What makes a good website?

A modern website needs to be focussed in its goals to be successful. The days of throwing a few pictures and some quickly put together content up in a table based site are gone – now we need to analyse users’ behaviour and create clear journeys through the site towards a goal – be it an enquiry, a sale or signing up to a mailing list.

To examine some features which make a modern website successful we’ll take a look at edwardscleaningltd.com, a new website for a north east cleaning contractor which ticks all of the boxes.

Responsive Design
First things first, it’s 2015 and just as many of us swipe and tap a mobile device as click a mouse on a computer. This site is responsive, meaning it adjust the layout and size of elements to fit the screen it is being viewed on. Not only does this mean it’s more useful to half your target audience, but Google’s recent changes mean it will rank higher in search results.

Blog / News
A blog or news section allows a business to connect with its customers and this site does it well. It’s well written and doesn’t take itself too seriously, meaning it’s easier to read and remember. Google also loves fresh content so keeping this up to date will help with SEO.

Social Media Links
All businesses should have a presence on social media sites like Twitter and Linkedin. It helps create connections, it improves SEO and it gives you more opportunity to find new customers through sharing. Edward’s uses social media well and links to it’s accounts through the website.

Clearly Laid Out Sections
Having information presented clearly and distinctly allows users to locate exactly what they’re looking for almost immediately – and studies have shown a website has under a second to make an impression on a user.

Icons are a graphical way of representing important areas and features, and the Edwards Cleaning homepage uses these perfectly to drive traffic to their main service offerings.

Newsletter Signup
Gathering users’ data allows a business to sell to them on a regular basis. By inviting users to signup to a newsletter you’re not only gaining a chance to keep them informed of your latest products and services, you have made a connection with them which you can build on going forward.