Why You Need Content Management

A content management system is an built in feature of many modern websites which stores your website’s content in a database which can then be edited using an intuitive, simple to use browser-based editor.

The best CMSs combine functionality with ease-of-use, meaning you can keep your website up to date without having a huge time impact on your working day. Advance Flow Pack recently had a CMS integrated website designed for his new brand, and they find the system gives them “the control we desperately needed”. 

Here are 5 reasons your business needs a content management system.

1. Ease of use

Not everyone in your business will have the same level of IT knowledge, but most will be able to operate a word processor – and the best CMSs operate in a very similar way.  This means content can be updated easily without the need for comprehensive training.

2. Scheduling

A good CMS will allow you to block write your articles and content, and set a schedule for when it needs to be made live. You can integrate your marketing strategy with your web maintenance at the touch of a button, streamlining the entire operation in the process.

3. Future proof your content

With a CMS your content is stored in a database, which is simply ‘plugged in’ to your website. This means when your site starts to look stale or you rebrand your business with a new logo and colour scheme, you only need to redesign the ‘skin’ – the content remains as before.

4. Manage out-of-date content

There’s nothing that turns potential customers off more than stale information weeks or sometimes months past its sell by date. With CMS you can set expiry dates for your posts, meaning they disappear into the ether once they’re no longer relevant.

5. Control

The biggest advantage of a CMS by absolute miles is the control you have. Instead of relying on your web developer or other external organisation, with a CMS you are in complete control of your content, and therefore the world’s perception of you.