Interactive Infographics

Infographics are everywhere online. The current trend is for a more interactive type of graphic, allowing the user to learn more and – vitally – allowing the content provider extra attention span.  Here are five of the best interactive infographics we’ve found online.

Bond – Licence To Drive

This quirky and every so stylish minimalist infographic charts the entire history of Agent 007’s vast logbook history. They’re all there, from 1962’s Sunbeam Alpine to the upcoming Aston Martin DB10. Scrolling through provides a wonderfully animated stroll through memory lane for Bond and car buffs alike.

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Inforgraphics

Why bother explaining the benefits of using inforgraphics when this smart website does such a fine job of it? From interesting stats (use of visualised information has increased 400% in literature since 1990!) to useful science (almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing) this excellent site tells you all you need to know about presenting your data in a unique and memorable way.

The Console Evolution

Remember your first games console? This infographic probably does. Charting the rise and rise of the home gaming revolution from the humble Odyssey system (1972) all the way up to today’s graphical powerhouses, the main thing I learnt was how much these things used to cost, thanks to the useful inflation adjusted price tags.

Evolution of Insight

A fascinating journey through history, showing us the greatest innovations in research and behaviour quantifying.

Monarch Flood Protection

A brilliant infographic showing the best ways to flood proof your vulnerable home, with visual clues as to what’s available and full product information available once you’ve established the best option for you.