Photo Galleries with a slice of Fun

Furrowfield School Gallery

Does your website need a gallery to show a variety of images? Most website galleries can be pretty plain and even, sometimes, a little boring. Today, we want to focus on exciting photo galleries.

Take a look at Furrowfield School in Gateshead as an example. Their gallery is a fantastic example of a photo powerful gallery which is exciting to use.

Furrowfield School’s gallery makes use of jQuery to load images in a random order each time. Every photo is shown as a polaroid photo with a white border. Each photo is loaded with a randomised rotation every time, giving each image a unique angle. The order of the photos on the page is random too, meaning that no one photo has preference over another. The gallery is responsive, making photos shrink down on smaller screen sizes. Each photo slides into place to accommodate smaller devices. When a photo is clicked on, a lightbox shows the image on its own at full-width of the browser window.

How could you give your photo album a more exciting and unique perspective for your readers? perhaps you could use colour to symbolise emotions of your photographs? or make liberal use of emojis to make your photo galleries more fun?

Let us know in the comments below what you would do to make your photo gallery more exciting and enticing!