Using Icons on your website

The internet has become increasingly visual in years gone by. Where now there are plenty of external websites and services website owners wish to link to (social networks, repositories, content providers etc). Logos are also used to symbolise key aspects of a businesses offer: their range of services, partners or products.

Whilst modern browsers make things easier by allowing website designers to include high-resolution graphics (like SVG) for use as icons, third-party scripts such as FontAwesome now allow anybody to make use of high quality icons for their website.

Whilst using icons in your website has become easier, how do you make sure that you are doing it right? We take a look at 3 websites which use icons in their website designs exceptionally well.

Snapstorm – Marketing for Today

Snapstorm Icons
Snapstorm Icons

Isle of Man-based marketing agency Snapstorm offer a variety of choices for their clients to enrich their marketing campaigns. Their website makes use of a variety of icons to make it clearer to users what exactly each service is attempting to describe.

Not only do the icons serve to anchor the user on their website, but photographs alongside each segment also serve to give a better idea of the practical application for each service.

Pharmacy Seekers – Pharmacies for Sale

Pharmacy Seekers Icons
Pharmacy Seekers Icons

London-based UK pharmacy sales company Pharmacy Seekers are dedicated to achieving the maximum value for their clients who wish to purchase or start their own pharmacy business.

The icons on their website, particularly those on the front page, help describe exactly what service they offer. The icons perfectly align with the message trying to be put across, that a readers grasp of English need not even be perfect, they are likely to understand what Pharmacy Seekers offer without a full grasp of the language.

Sleeky Web Design & Print

Sleeky Icons
Sleeky Icons

Sleeky are a web and graphic design agency based in the North East of England. Their offer top-shelf web-design packages alongside highly attentive brand designs.

Their use of icons here helps to give a better context to describe the services they are offering. The web design icon for example clearly shows both a mobile device and a desktop computer, this helps to signify that their website designs are responsive for screen sizes large and small.

I hope that this blog article has helped show you some of the importance surrounding quality icon usage. It’s possibly to design your own icons or download many of the available, royalty-free icons from the internet.

Icons can help you get your message across in a visual way without breaking immersion.