Are you overcomplicating your signup forms?

180 Training

Photo Credit: 180 Training – Re-Training Opportunities

Do you offer a newsletter subscription or opt-in mailing list through your website? Have you given much thought to the amount of time and effort it takes your readers to use these forms?

When it comes down to it, the question boils down to: how much information do you really need to sign somebody up to a mailing list? Do you need any postal information? Perhaps if you send a lot of physical samples or mail-shots. Do you need to know the user’s age? Perhaps if your product is particularly age-sensitive. Presumably however, in the majority of instances, you really do not need much information at all.

I’ve included a screenshot of 180 Training’s newsletter sign up form. 180 Training offer flexible learning solutions for young adults. By taking up re-training opportunities, their students can change their career trajectory and shift into new directions. Take a look at the screenshot above. Their web designers Sleeky Web Design have made it remarkably simple! Enter your name and your email, press ‘Sign Up’ – job’s done!

Take a look at your own mailing list signup form. Does it include any unnecessary forms for entry? If it’s longer than 2 or 3 fields, you may be taking too much of your readers time, potentially losing customers.