Minimal Table Designs

Tables are sadly one of the most difficult objects to work with on the Web. With their cryptic markup and the sheer amount of detail we have to take care of – not to mention the lack of browser compatibility to boot. A tonne of time can be wasted on a single table, regardless of how simple in design it should be.

It’s important to know beforehand how you want your tables to look, before you waste time diagnosing the tables in code, have a strong idea in mind before you begin.

Therefore, here are some fantastic looking table designs to consider for when you next create a table for your website.

Photo Credits: Smashing Magazine ‘Top 10 CSS Table Designs’

Screenshot 2016-05-16 13.43.47

Photo Credit: Furrowfield School

What I love and find most appealing about these tables is that they are simple and refined: no drop shadows or 3d elements. There are muted background colours which comply with the rest of the design and don’t make the text unreadable.