Why On-Site SEO Is Critical

You need your site to rank well on search engines, let’s be honest, Google! Two things you’ll need to help you do this are on-site and off-site search engine optimisation (SEO). In this post, we’ll discuss what on-site SEO is and how you can check and improve yours.


What is the difference between on-site & off-site SEO?

In very simple terms, what your website will rank you on a search engine is mainly decided by what is on the page, how high up the results you rank is mainly decided by what is found off the website.

What is on-site SEO?

In very simple terms, it’s adjusting the content of your website to be seen in very friendly & readable terms by search engines. It’s also key that search engines can determine what your site is all about and how it is structured. The more quality content that a search engine is able to draw from your site, the better chance your website has of ranking in relation to specific keywords.

How can you check your current site?

Easy! You can use a tool called SEO Site Checkup. You can run a free check by simply inputting your sites URL. SEO Site Checkup will then score your site out of 100 and below this will explain the reason for your score and give you actions to take to improve it. See the example below, we ran a test on international security experts Peregrine International’s website, as you can see they scored 71/100 with some things to fix including Meta Description & <h1> Headings Status.

How can I improve my on-site SEO?

You could run a report on SEO Site Check Up like we did above and then try and fix the issues concerned. Or you could employ a specialist, there are lots of companies offering this service, give it a Google! I bet the best ones will rank highly!!