What colours say about your website?

When we think about web design, the initial thoughts could be about the colour scheme. Colours certainly affect our attitude and emotions so make sure you choose them wisely. First of all, you need to know your audience and what message you want to send them. In this post, we will give you some examples of some of the most popular tones in web design and how different companies use them.


Blue is a great colour option, and it’s one of the most popular choices. Most people like it, no matter what gender or age they are. That makes the blue very universal and a safe bet. Also, this colour is associated with trust, intelligence, and efficiency. Many financial organisations are using it, even the most significant social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Another excellent example is Norvic Aero Engines LTD. Norvic is one of the leading aircraft engine overhaul companies and has a very professional and strong presence.


Another great option is the green which similarly to the blue is perceived very well by most of the people. The green represents the balance, harmony, refreshment and the beginning of something new. The Green colour works really well for environmentally friendly and outdoor products. However, green is also used by so many different websites and companies like BP, TripAdvisor, etc.


Yellow speaks for optimism, friendliness, and creativity. This colour could be great if you want to stand out, but be careful as too much yellow and certain shades of it could have a negative effect on your visitors. Some good examples of yellow accents in websites are Thomas Cook, Lipton and The Froth Shop.


The darker colours represent sophistication, glamour, and efficiency. Use black to add a high-end and luxury look to your website. Some great examples are Belfund, Adidas, Luis Vuitton, Mercedes. The Black colour is classy and would always be a good idea, just be careful how much you use to avoid the feeling of heaviness and coldness.


Pink tones are feminine they bring warmth and tranquillity. The brighter variations of pink are perfect if you are looking to achieve a higher conversion rate. Excellent examples of pink websites are Newcastle Premier Health and Renew life.


In conclusion, there are plenty of shades and tones to choose from, however, ask yourself what goals and messages you would like to send with your website. In general, the brighter colours will bring your conversion rate up, while the darker tones will add luxury and sophistication.