Why You Should Have A Personal Website

Hours and hours go into creating and curating all of the necessary information on a CV. This is something no one thinks twice about. It’s second nature to make sure your CV is absolutely pristine, but what if we told you there was another, more exciting way to get your name out there?

We’re talking about your own, personal resume website.

Now we’re not saying that it should be used instead of a CV, as you can’t go into an interview and hand over a screenshot. However, your online presence is now so important that if done right, your own website will ensure that job opportunies come your way.

So what are the advantages of having a personal website? Let’s look into them here:

It gives you control over your image

As I said earlier, your online presence is extremely important. With stories about people not getting jobs because of their social media not uncommon, it’s imperitive to make sure you presence is a strong one.
According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates. But don’t think you can get away from this by deleting your social media, as 57% of employers are less likely to call someone in from an interview if they don’t have an online presence at all.

Not only that, but 69% of employers are using search engines to research their candidates. Why is that a good thing? That’s where your website is.

Having a strong, professional website shows employers exactly what you want them to see. Not only can you show off your qualifications, but you can let your personality shine through and really show your potential employers why you’re so hireable.

Dr Birchall of Neuroradiology Consulting has his CV on his website to hand, so you don’t have to dig deep to understand his qualifications and expertise.

It stands you out from the competition

Would you rather read about a subject, or watch something about a subject? The majority of us, the majority of the time would prefer to watch something. As a society, we hold onto and take in visual stimulation a lot easier than reading. Your website is the perfect place to take full advantage of that.

Having your own personal website gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like. Not only can recruiters find you more easily if you have a professional website, but you’ll also gain a competitive edge.

Your resume is restricted to things you can put on paper, but with a website, anything goes. Make the most of this medium and showcase your strengths. Demonstrate why people should hire you!

It is dynamic

If You may keep your resume updated regularly, but with every version comes a lot of paper waste. There’s nothing more frustrating than realising that the CV you gave to a potential employer is an old copy or that you left something out.

With websites, they can be updated easily. You don’t have to worry about the length and adding fresh pages is a breeze.

Overall, having a personal website resume is an engaging and unique way to show off your potential. Having a professional online presence can’t do you any harm, why not go ahead and create one for yourself?