Blogging For Your Rankings

Blogging. Whether you sigh in exasperation or get excited by the thought of it, it’s an absolute staple of not only the world of SEO, but online culture in general.

You could be reading more official news blogs, or you could be reading monthly blogs by a brand that to particularly like. They come in all shapes and sizes, with something catering for every possible personality out there.

The fact of the matter is that every month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. That’s some big numbers coming your way.

Blogging was more or less brought into the mainstream public eye by a handy platform, now called Blogger. Sounds familiar right? It came about in 1999 and the whole idea of blogging really blew up in the early 2000’s.

What is a blog?

So, what exactly IS a blog?

Short for weblog, a blog is an online journal or website that shows information in reverse chronological order (so latest posts first, oldest posts last).

On this website or online journal, people share pieces of writing about their opinions, news, hobbies, anything they want really.

What is the point of it?

Back in the day during the early boom of the blogs, political blogs were some of the most popular.

Then came the topic blogs, quenching the public’s thirst for current news and pop culture.

Then blogs about how to write blogs came about.

Then you guessed it, the gossip blogs came into play.

The point is, you can start a blog for whatever reason. Maybe you want to explore your love of travelling through writing, or a new passion for crochet you’ve discovered, or maybe you’re wanting to set something up on your company’s website where customers can come and check for up to date information.

Whatever your reason, there’s a space for you in the blogging world.

Now, when your blogging for personal reasons, you may not necessarily care about SEO or your audience. However if you’re blogging for a business, this is a little more important. So let’s take a further look at the benefits of blogging in a more professional capacity.

The benefits of blogging

– It boosts your SEO

You’re probably sick of hearing the letters S E and O strung together like this. But it’s important.

Search engines love fresh, relevant content and I can’t think of an easier, less expensive way to tick this box than by blogging.

Every time you post a new blog, search engines such as Google are crawling your page and indexing this. Not only are you showing them that you’re relevant, but your giving your customers and clients more of a chance of finding your websites through different keywords.

The more blog posts your website has, the more times you show on Google.

– It strengthens your relationship with customers

As a business, you’ll know how important it is to build a relationship with your customers.

Especially in today’s society, where how a business comes across can essentially make or break them.

What a blog does, is it gives you the opportunity to connect with your customer base in a more friendly, approachable and conversational way. If you switch your comments on, you can also see exactly what people are thinking about your brand.

– It establishes you as a leader, not a follower

From a business sense, putting up regular informational blogs can put you ahead of your competition.

By providing content that people deem as valuable, you’re establishing yourself as a leader, and confirming the idea that your business is knowledgeable and has experience.

– It builds connection with your customer base

Blogs give your business the powerful marketing tool of showing your customers your more personal side.

As I have said many times before, people are far more likely to buy into something they can relate to, as opposed to something from a large, faceless corporation.

– It creates opportunities for sharing

Ahh, social media. A stable advertising platform. And you know what’s great about it?

If you play your cards right, you can get free advertising!

That’s right, free advertising. Who wouldn’t want that?

So how do you get this, you ask? By creating shareable content, that your customers are likely to want to share. With the multitude of social media platforms available, there’s a real chance of huge market growth.

One of the easiest way to do this is via a blog.

How often should you blog?

So here comes the big questions we’ve all been waiting for. How often should you blog?

The short answer is, it totally depends!

Depending on your goals for the blog, it can massively differ. For example, if your goal is to increase traffic to your site, you’ll probably want to publish more often as that will give you more opportunities to be found on search engines.

But if you’re wanting to create more formal, in-depth posts, you can get away with posting them less frequently, as long as they actually are informative and crucially, longer.

In conclusion

Blogging is here to stay, and has been since the 2000s. Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet or you’re wanting to drive more business to your website, blogging is the perfect way to achieve this.

The only question is now, how often will you be blogging?

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