The Power of Infographics on Your Website

The importance of visuals for relaying information is paramount. Studies suggest that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Visuals are key to attracting attention and allowing information to be quickly digested, especially in fleeting adverts on social media platforms or for retaining a reader’s interest on a webpage. Even on the roads, many branded cars turn to commercial vehicle graphics, using key tools such as a recognisable colour schemes and eye-catching visuals, to allow passers-by to quickly absorb information of a brand, even when only viewed for a few seconds.

More specifically, this article will focus on the importance of infographics, as a successful way to draw in readers and easily relay information or statistics.

Infographics can be visually appealing charts, images and minimal text, to help make boring or complex information easy to understand. They tend to introduce a new topic to a reader or focus in on a specific aspect of a topic.

Why Should I Use Infographics On My Website?

1. Grabs The Reader’s Attention

With readers’ attention spans decreasing, websites need to look eye catching and appealing, to retain a reader’s interest. A bright and colourful infographic, with added imagery and cartoons, engages a reader’s interest rather than a sea of text.

2. Makes Information More Understandable

Infographics can highlight the key points of a subject matter. Cartoons can help readers make sense of information, by viewing it in a story format or relating to an emotive aspect of a story. Graphs can easily showcase the scale of statistics and allow reader’s to quickly make comparisons between data or observe how something has changed over time.

3. Demonstrates a Company’s Proficient Knowledge

Infographics provide a level of legitimacy to a company and showcase their knowledge over key subjects. Being able to dissect information and transform it into a visual, shows that a company really understands their subject matter, rather than copying and pasting text from elsewhere.

4. Makes Brands and Their Content More Shareable

Eye-catching images with key text can be redistributed on a brand’s social media channels, or be reshared by others, to increase the number of engagements with the information. This allows for the potential for brands or key subject matters to go viral.

5. Creates a Stronger Brand Presence

Featuring a similar feed of infographics on your website, with the same stylistic options, cartoons and colour schemes, provides a sense to the reader of what your brand is about and transforms their first impressions. Key colours and stylistic options can be linked to a brand and increase brand recognition and legitimacy.

Show Me An Example!

Artist Ivan Cash, has created an excellent infographic, to showcase the importance of infographics themselves!

Here, we can observe graphs, colour, text and images, working to showcase the key aspects of infographics from common fonts to base colours used.

What better infographic to learn from!


In an increasingly visual world, with the proliferation of social media and a decrease in attention spans, it is vital to invest in infographics when showcasing information. Images can capture the reader’s attention and minimal, but punchy text, allows readers to quickly absorb key information.